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Furnishing your office is step one

If you’re opening a new office, one of the very first things you will need to do before hiring staff and beginning productivity is furnishing your office. Can’t have happy, productive employees if they don’t have a chair to sit in, a desk to write on, and a computer to input data into. Here at daRosa’s Martha’s Vineyard Printing we have all the finest in office furniture to fulfill your office furniture needs. You may not be opening a new office, but find that most or all of your office furniture are dated and needing replaced. Nothing lasts forever, nor will it stay new. Surprise your employees with new office furniture today. Give us a call or stop by our store and let our professional office furniture staff consult you on your office furniture wants and needs. We have decades of experience in furnishing various types of offices.

Premium Office Furniture

All of the office furniture carried in store at daRosa’s-Martha’s Vineyard Printing is delivered freight free** to the Island. Delivery and setup is billable. Tables, Desks, Chairs, Credenzas, Hutches, Chair mats, Panel Systems, Electric adjustable desks, desk platforms and much more…

**All furniture and items from our biggestbook.com catalog are freight free to the Island. Delivery and setup may be billable.    

Major equipment vendors

Savin/Ricoh, Xerox, Acer, Brother, Canon, Casio, Epson, HP, Lenovo, Sharp, Uniwell POS Systems, Lathem Time Clock and many more…


In stock

Every office is different, and every office has their own wants and needs to operate effectively. Make sure that your office runs efficiently with our office supplies that we carry in stock. For desks, we carry pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, paper clips, tape, rubber bands, erasers, stamp pads, ink for stamp pads, and more. When it comes to paper, we carry spiral notebooks, writing pads, sticky notes, phone message pads, laser printer paper, copy paper, fax paper, graph paper, colored paper, pocket notebooks, and more!

Quality Office Products

From envelopes to sealing tape and everything between, visit our store today or give us a call and we can consult with you on your office supplies list and make sure that your needs are fulfilled. We carry products for:
* Desk Supplies * Paper Products * Stationary / Mailer Supplies * Computer & Printer Supplies * Time Tracking Supplies * Binding Supplies * Hanging folder supplies * Identification supplies * Rubber Stamps and seals *School and Art supplies


Running an office efficiently can be a daunting task. Managing your employees is a challenge all on its own. While it’s up to you to manage your workforce, here at daRosa’s- Martha’s Vineyard Printing we can assist you with all your office supply needs. Carrying everything from pens to copiers and printers, we’re confident that if you’re looking for it here, you will find it. If you’re looking for manila file folders, hanging file folders, file labels, pocket folders, index dividers, or tabs, make sure to stop by our shop today.

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