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Fine art supplies have s been offered by daRosa’s Martha’s Vineyard Printing since 1940. This is the date the company moved to 46 Circuit Avenue. Up until then the Vineyard’s art colony had to bring or mail supplies while here in the summer. Thomas Hart Benton, Virginia Berresford, James Cagney, Harry Cummins, Evette Eastman, Stan Murphy were customers that were relieved that they could purchase fine art supplies, finally, on the Vineyard. Today, we are proud to offer local professional artists and students in art classes 20% discount for art supplies. Please register first at the store counter. Winsor Newton, Rembrandt, Grumbacher and other world brands of products were supplied then and now. Newer brands of products like Liquitex acrylic paints have become very popular. Now we have “water based” oil paints as well. Our store carries the water color, oil and water based paints. Raw canvas, linen or cotton by the yard or roll is available. Stretched canvas and canvas boards in many sizes are in stock. Pastels, charcoal, pencils and colored pencils are offered.

Brushes for professionals, students and children are in stock. Drawing, water color and sketch pads come in various sizes. Hot and cold press water color papers by the sheet or block are on the shelf. Accessories, erasers, burnishers, paint knives, easels and pallets and paint cups are here to choose from. We have all the various mediums that you would ever want. Mat board, Bristol and foam core as well as chip board and canvas stretchers are also in stock. For illustrators we have pen and ink, and professional pencils.

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